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Someone recently asked about mushrooms, mentioning that
they had mixed feelings about them as a food source.  My
best observation is not to eat any kind of mushroom that is
not sold in a store.   Just because something is a fungus
doesn't necessarily mean that it should be avoided.  Some
mushrooms add such wonderful flavor that to go through life
avoiding them is to miss one of life's great pleasures.

According to the Enylopedia Britannica, "Mushrooms have
insignificant nutritive value. Their chief worth is as a
specialty food of delicate, subtle flavour and agreeable
texture. By fresh weight, the common commercially grown
mushroom is more than 90 percent water, less than 3 percent
protein, less than 5 percent carbohydrate, less than 1
percent fat, and about 1 percent mineral salts and

As the mushroom told his psychologist, "I can't understand
why I can't get dates, I'm a fungi."

Beverly Kurtin

My Food Coach
"Successful Strategies"

What is food to one may be fierce
 poison to others - Lucretius