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Re: curries

In a message dated 12/6/2000 3:07:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
omnidave@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< his sounds really nice, but I have a quick question...
 How is the phyllo used?  Is it rolled into the loaf?  And for non-fish
 eaters, an suggestions as to what you can sub for the tuna?
 Just curious!
 Dave from Winnipeg, where it is a very cold day...
Dave: Did I answer your question about how the phyllo dough is used so you 
can picture it? If not, write again. It's like baking, rolling out the dough, 
adding filling, rolling it all up into a firm roll, baking, cooling, and then 
cutting into portions, looks like pinwheels, dough and fillling alternating 
around the cut piece of the roll. See it now? (smile). <Sunny>