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Re: curries

In a message dated 12/6/2000 3:07:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
omnidave@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< this sounds really nice, but I have a quick question...
 How is the phyllo used?  Is it rolled into the loaf?  And for non-fish
 eaters, an suggestions as to what you can sub for the tuna?
 Just curious!

Reply: hmmmm...guess I didn't clarify sufficiently....sorry. Okay, the 
Lay the phyllo dough out flat. Buy the largest sheets possible. Use perhaps 
4-6 sheets as one layer (OR, even nicer, use perhaps 3 sheet, put filing in, 
lay another 3 sheets, more filling, cover with 3 more, and then roll into a 
loaf ... kind of play it by ear), then after smoothing on the mixture begin 
at the edge closest to you and begin to roll it forward, over and over until 
you reach the far end, then tuck the sides in, or pinch then closed.
As far as omitting the tuna. I would suppose you can use any filling you can 
imagine as long as it isn't "wet."  A wet filling would make it fall apart.  
You could use some previously baked tofu and drained/dry veggies like 
spinach, or broccoli, sweet peppers, but these veggies must be drained of 
liquid. Don't use tomatoes because they bleed water when cooked.  You could 
fill this roll with Dixie Diner sausage (not!) stuffing and one of the 
chicken (not!) or beef (not!) substitutes, along with the veggies. Your local 
health food store or supermarket likely carries brands of substitute meats 
also. You could also use a ff cheese too. Possibilities are numerous. Hope 
I've given you some good ideas. 
A good side dish with this is mashed cauliflower. Cook the entire head if 
fresh by steam or boiled (or buy frozen florets), and drain as much water as 
possible (this veggie holds water too), mash like mashed potatoes, add butter 
buds (no calories, no fat), some sea salt, onion powder, a little soy milk, 
or ff sour cream, and if more seasoning is required, do so to taste. This is 
also good with some nutritional yeast added (cheesey flavour), even some 
Dixie Diner Parmaesan (not!) cheese. Bye. <Sunny>