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Re: curries

This sounds really nice, but I have a quick question...

How is the phyllo used?  Is it rolled into the loaf?  And for non-fish
eaters, an suggestions as to what you can sub for the tuna?

Just curious!

Dave from Winnipeg, where it is a very cold day...

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Subject: Re: curries

> Here's one I created when still using more fats, but which can be made ff,
> and it's really nice:
> Lay out several large sheets of Phillo dough sheets at cool to room
> temperature, one on top of the other...
> brush w/a little egg substitute (liquid)...
> drain well two cans of water packed albacore tuna and flake...
> prepare and mix two cups of cooked brown rice with tuna...
> mix in curry powder (use as much or as little as your taste appreciates),
> onion powder, a drop of cayenne pepper, touch of garlic powder (whatever
> you'd like, but nothing "wet")...
> smooth mixture out and fold both sides in a little, then ROLL dough into a
> loaf shape and pinch ends -- place in 325 degree oven until browned (can
> brush with a little olive oil and perhaps sprinkle with sesame seeds, or
> a wash mixture of butter buds). when this loaf roll comes out and cools
> cut nice size portions and each will look like pinwheel. When my kids were
> young even they liked it. Good hot or cold. Add things to it or delete.
> the main premise is good. Tuna, phillo dough, curry powder, etc., nice.