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Re: Brunch

>From: Ratan <ratan27@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Brunch
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>I would like to know what can be served for brunch.
>Usually what time is brunch taken? 

In the USA at least, brunch is generally served on Sunday
mornings (Sunday being a holiday from work for most people
here).  It is often served around 10 a.m. - restaurants will
often have a brunch buffet from around 9 a.m. until 2 or 3
p.m. on Sundays.

Generally some type of egg dish is served:  omelets or a
quiche would be typical.  This would often be accompanied by
a fresh fruit mixture, a choice of a couple of types  of
bread or muffins (often a hot bread), and various other
dishes.  Hash-brown potatoes would often be served.

In restaurants, often a meat platter and various vegetables
are served too, I wouldn't expect to find that in a home,

The traditional drink, I believe, with brunch is orange
juice or what we call a 'Mimosa' - orange juice and

>Are soya meat and soya cheese available in

The ones I go to here in Maryland generally do have a soy
cheese-imitation, and various soy-based 'meats'.
>How do we know that fat free products like icecream,
>yoghurt and cheese are really healthy? 

We don't actually *know* this (at least I don't) in the
sense we *know* that the sun will rise again tomorrow, and
set at night.  But many of us have read nutrition news and
studies for many years, and we have formed our opinions
based on these many years of reading.  

I, myself, would definitely NOT consider fatfree icecream a
healthy product, as all the fatfree icecreams I have ever
seen are loaded with sugar - so much sugar that I can't even
eat them, I think they are disgustingly sweet.  If by
yogurt, you mean frozen yogurt, the same applies.  If you
mean regular (not frozen) plain yogurt, that is (or should
be at least) a healthy natural product - for those who can
eat dairy foods.

Myself, I am inclined to believe that whole, natural foods
are the healthiest choice.

Pat Meadows