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Sweet Potato Ravioli

HOLY COW! as Harry would have said.  So many of you e-mailed me for the
recipe (which is fantastic, fat-free and vegetarian by the way), but I got
responses back from the Mailer Daemon (Is this a devil of sorts?) and do not
have the correct addresses for those.   If you asked for the recipe and
didn't receive it yet, I didn't get your e-mail right.  Please e-mail me
again and I will send immediately.  The following are portions of the
addresses I have tried to send to.  Sorry I erased all of the requests after
sending so I can't check my work:

mccubrey,550 <mccubrey@calweb>... Host unknown (Name server: calweb: host not
550 <dlukacs@netzero>... Host unknown (Name server: netzero: host not found)
550 <vamiller@firstwo>... Host unknown (Name server: firstwo: host not found)