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re: airline food

i've had my bouts with airline food.. oftentimes they 'forget' or
something gets screwed and it's not requested at all.

however, the times it's gone as planned, the meals have been usually
either hit or miss, and i've noticed that european flights tend to
cater more towards the interesting, healthy side. air france is often
*wonderful* (europe takes vegetarianism and healthy eating more
seriously.. although france's typical food is seeping in fatty
dressings/sauces) and lets you request the type of veg meal you want.
(dairy, egg, fish or vegan) 
british airlines is quite good as well, although they usu. include
american airlines is just pretty messed up. they seem to think of
veg. as some crazy, super-abnormal thing, for oddballs who refuse
regular food and only eat fruit and lettuce. case in point: last
flight from london: the dinner was veg. to begin with, but since i'd
requested a veg meal i got a hunk of cheese, some crackers, and like
an apple. it was very interesting.

i too often find that bringing my own food for those 'miss' occasions
is often the best choice. they can sometimes even heat things up for
you. :)