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Airline "food" again


Just my 2 cents: In addition to the last post about airline food, I've
generally found that I'm more pleased with the "low fat" meals verses the
"vegetarian" meals, for the reason mentioned--the "vegetarian" tend to be
prepared in oil and other junk.  Not that there's much anyway, so heck.  I
try to bring a snack, too--like fruit, breakfast cereal, or candy to tide
me over.  Trust me, train food is worse.  (2 years ago on a vacation, my
family and I decided to travel by train to our destination.  The whole trip
got delayed and ended up being 36 HOURS long; they ran out of food so they
simply picked up a serving of a KFC biscuit and fried chicken breast for
each passenger.  That was all that was offered and after 30 hours, you need
SOMETHING but that doesn't work for everyone! ;>  )

Peace to everyone,