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Airline "food"

Then there is airline "food."  I've tried ordering
vegetarian food only to find that it was saturated in
grease.  The best defense being a good offense, I usually
bring my food with me. If, by some miracle, the airline
food is actually edible, I'll eat it.  If not, I don't have
to starve on cross-country flights.  My favorite take along
food is a veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread, a piece of
fruit or two, and some homemade snack food if it's going to
be an extra long flight.

It's been a successful stragegy so far.  BTW, I'm working
this week on some FF snack foods.  If they turn out I'll
share the recipes.  If not...well...

Ciao!  Bev

My Food Coach
"Successful Strategies"

What is food to one may be fierce
 poison to others - Lucretius