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Thanx, y'all

Hi.. Just sending my appreciation to those who posted tips for me for the
formal company Christmas party.  I'm about to be picked up in an hour or
two... Following the hints and my own habits, I've munched a little and am
taking some FF dressing and snack in my bag just in case.  Couldn't call
ahead and request anything or find out... my escort seemed to just figure
its all under control (not familiar with my uh, preferences) and I'd feel
too out-of-place to more pushy and picky, since I've inquired already a
couple times.  Wish me luck!  (Oh, I know I'll be fine.  Sheesh, its not
the end of the world, huh?  I had my nice run this morning; there's my
usual one waiting for me tomorrow morning as well, so guess its a bit
unhealthy to obsess much!)  

Sorry, enough babbling!  :>  Someone mentioned yogurt cheese in the last
newsletter.  Can that be then used in a recipe to make a cheesecake?  Would
that be better than using FF cream cheese?

Thanks again everyone!