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Re: a formal Christmas party

If it's an affair at a restaurant or through a catering/banquet outfit,
ask for the phone number and call them -- I've never found a restaurant
or caterer that would refuse requests for special meals.  Even those
that serve fixed menus to large groups don't mind doing onesies-twosies
for special meals.  Call ahead beforehand, talk to someone on the staff
when you arrive to let them know you're there, and also tell the server
when they begin serving the table.  You'll find that, if you're just
nibbling at greens and ignoring everything else on your plate, that it
makes the folks around you somewhat uncomfortable, and guilty about
eating what they're eating when you can't eat any.  And the special
veggie plate makes a great conversation starter... :)

I do agree with somebody's comment about eating something beforehand,
though, just in case the caterer screws up the special meal somehow (it


The O'Briens wrote:
> Hi guys!  I was invited to a fancy business Christmas party this weekend,
> where they're serving steak and seafood.  Don't want the steak; when
> seafood is served at things like this, is the shrimp and stuff generally
> just steamed, if there is some?  ANy helpful hints as to what to pick
> around for?  I'm going to take my salad dressing, hoping there'll be plenty
> of salad to at least tide me over until I can go somewehre else!  :>  Not
> to sound obsessed, just wondering if there's any tips out there.
> Thanks! And peace,
> Chelsea*

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