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vitamin b-12

Yesterday while looking at my "health news" news letter,I found an article called "B-12 from poultry may be paltry,supplements more effective" I have always been told that vegetarians/vegans/fruitarians need B-12 so I checked it out.It seems that humans do not absorb vitamin B-12 very well at all unless they receive it from supplements.AND,this is the very interesting part. Why do we need vitamin B-12?Something to do with your blood right?The article states "The body uses B-12 to eliminate proteins from the blood that have been implicated in arteriosclerosis." A quick search revealed that arteriosclerosis means cholesterol,and vitamin B-12 removes the proteins that cause cholesterol build-up. Now,if my assumptions are correct and my sources are yielding all information,why would pure vegetarians,vegans and fruitarians need this?Do we really need to be worrying about cholesterol?Are there any doctors on board that know of any other reasons why we would ever need something that comes from an animal?
Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks all,thought that I would share that with you.
Next time,another article in that same newsletter "Vegans need vitamins for eye health."
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