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Re: vitamin b-12

This is off-topic to the list, which is for cooking only (Michelle's
PowerFoods list allows nutritional discussion where this list doesn't),
but just a quick response on this -- the human body creates its own
cholesterol, above and beyond what it gets through food intake.  That's
why a low-cholesterol diet doesn't help some folks...


"Lillian Raines [YA]" wrote:
> Why do we need vitamin B-12?Something to do with your blood right?The
> article states "The body uses B-12 to eliminate proteins from the blood that
> have been implicated in arteriosclerosis."
> A quick search revealed that arteriosclerosis means cholesterol,and vitamin
> B-12 removes the proteins that cause cholesterol build-up.
> Now,if my assumptions are correct and my sources are yielding all
> information,why would pure vegetarians,vegans and fruitarians need this?Do
> we really need to be worrying about cholesterol?
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