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site with veg fatfree Passover recipes

Here's a site with a nice assortment of recipes: (They've even got
some recipes credited to Natalie Frankel, a longtime list member !)

[I found it through www.about.com] but you can just go directly to 


Also, I thought I'd share the list of foods I love to eat during the
holiday (I try to stay away from the heavy "mock-whatever" foods that
are poor substitutes for the foods that can be eaten during the rest
of the year.)

My favorite foods during the holiday include
   spaghetti squash with almost any kind of vegetable topping 
   baked apples (a no-brainer but I love 'em during Passover)
   roasted mixed root vegetables with thyme (carrots, turnip, tiny
      onions, shallots, etc.)
   roasted colorful summery vegetables (zucchini, peppers, onions,
      butternut squash)
   baked sweet potatoes

Next year, I might try to see if I can kasher the backyard grill and
do some grilling during the holiday. That could be a real treat since
the grill has gone unused since last fall. I just don't think I'm
ready to deal with it this year.....

Wishing everybody a joyous holiday