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Dressings for eating out

** Reply Requested When Convenient **

I haven't posted to the list in a long time, and I've got loads of back digests in my mailbox just waiting to be read - but I saw a thread on this subject today and thought that I could add my 2 cents.

One little trick that I picked up a few years ago (from Weight Watchers) is - if you are in a restaurant and can't get a low-fat salad dressing, or if you don't know the fat content of what is set down in front of you, don't pour the dressing over the salad.  Just dip your fork into the dressing before you take each bite of salad.  You still get the taste of the dressing, and it's amazing how little you actually use (unless you're really quick, most of the dressing  runs off the fork). 

Hope this helps someone, as it did me.