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Re: dressings for eating out

> I really like the idea of making the strawberries into dressing.
Does it
> coat well?
> Sometimes it's the "feel" of the fatty dressings I miss.

The addition of honey helps the "coating power," but yes, we find that
it has enough body to stick with salads, even with minimal honey.  We
often use it as a dip, too, and it coats well enough for that.

Sorry for not giving exact measurements, but I just wing it each time
I make it.  I generally use frozen berries, add the vinegar and a
little cracked pepper, then add honey and pepper to taste.  It's best
wtih a strong berry flavor, seconded by the warm tang of a good
balsamic vinegar, then accented with the sweetness and pepper.  Too
much honey and you lose the tangy dressing-ness (!) of it.  Too much
pepper and it tastes downright weird.  Try just enough to show up, but
not look or taste peppery.