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Re: Finding Fiber Content

>Incidentally, the best fiber and filling food per calorie I've
found is
>General Mills Fiber One and Kellog's All-Bran Extra Fiber. Two
servings of
>these get you just about to their recommended amount of fiber
per day, even
>if you ate nothing else.

Unfortunately, the fiber content of these cereals is very
misleading. They are refined dry cereals that have lost most of
their natural fiber. Their high fiber content is due to added
supplemental fiber (usually insoluble fiber in the form of
bran), which is not as good as natural fiber from whole foods or
foods high in soluble fiber.  Remember, its not just the fiber,
but other components in the foods that are naturally high in
fiber.    As per satiety, studies show that cold cereals do not
have a high satiety per calorie.