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TVP and asparagus

Nutrition TVP
TVP has zero cholesterol.  It can be fortified with vitamins, including 
Vitamin B12.  An excellent source of protein and fiber, TVP is low in sodium 
and has almost no fat.  It is high in potassium, is a good source of the 
essential amino acids and also contributes calcium and magnesium to one's 
diet.  (from a cookbook, sorry these are just pages of recipes and info. I 
copied some time ago and I don't remember the title, but it was from THE FARM 
in Tenn.)

For asparagus, I wash them and snap off the bottom as another writer 
suggested it just snaps off easily.  Then I snap (or you can cut with a 
knife) in maybe 2  or 3 inch pieces and place in my steamer until tender, 
just check with a fork occasionally.  To me this is easier than trying to do 
them upright in some kind of container.

Barbara in FL