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There was a question recently about finding fiber contents.
It can be found on most labels, at the USDA website
(http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl) and
in many other locations.  It is standard in the US on the labels
to have fiber content; it is less standard in other countries.

Anyway, I have some "recipe" ideas that go with fiber too, that
I've been wanting to share for a while.a

Those who know me from this list, know how lazy I am.  I am really
exaggerating my skills when I say "recipe".  Everything I do is
easy.  :-)

Anyway, for fiber, I of course eat lots of cereal (look at the fiber
contents, they vary HUGELY).  Lots of vegetables, lots of fruits
(fruit itself has much more fiber than fruit juice).

Also, I am addicted to bran.  Just straight bran.  I buy both
wheat bran and oat bran in bulk, and use it everywhere.  Both have
lots of fiber, wheat bran has slightly more and slightly less calories,
oat bran has something to be proven to help with heart disease.

* little bread rolls : put some flour, baking powder, and bran in a
  bowl.  Add some plain yogurt and/or nonfat milk and/or water to
  form roughly dough consistency.  Drop onto Pam'd cookie sheet or
  onto a teflon pie plate, 18 minutes at 350.  Delicious, easy, warm.
  For a sweet treat, add honey and/or some dried fruits, or frozen
  blueberries, etc.
* sprinkle either type of bran into soups, on salads, onto cooking
  vegetables.  I often come home, throw some frozen spinach into a
  saucepan, add some mushrooms, sprinkle bran on top.
* Hot cereal -- always add bran.  In fact, I've never done it, but
  oat bran alone I think would make a good hot cereal.  Put it in a
  bowl, add water (quite a bit), some frozen fruit or some sliced
  banana, microwave on high about 3 minutes.  Yum yum.
* this is the weirdest one : I even eat oat bran raw.  I have a little
  jar in my desk.  Late in the afternoon when I want to stick something
  in my mouth but know I shouldn't, I just eat a couple of spoonfuls
  of that.  It's really pretty good raw like that!  A little bit
  crunchy, and feels satisfying.  you can't do this with wheat bran,

All for now!