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Re: Vegetarian Teen

> I have a question for all of u awesome fat-free-ers!
> I am 16 and very 
> athletic. I have trouble getting protein (does
> anyone have any suggestions?) 
> and currently eat chicken and salmon. I wnat to go
> vegetarian (probably 
> ovo-lacto) but my parents are worried about my
> protein intake. 

I know from personal experience with my child that
vegetarian children and teens can be healthy and
athletic.  Have you tried ready-made soy foods, like
Boca Burgers.  The original ones are 100% vegan, very
very low fat, and taste good.  Since they can be
micro-waved you can fit them into your meals without
asking your mother to cook separately for you. 
There's also a company called "health is wealth" or
something really weird like that, that makes
chicken-free nuggets that taste really good,
especially with a dipping sauce like salsa.  You won't
think that they came from McD's, but they are high in
protein and very low in fat.

One caveat, at 16 you are still growing, and probably
need more fat than us older folks, although probably
not as much as you would get from the typical first
stage of vegetarian eating, which is usually packed
with eggs and cheese.

Good luck,

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