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Re: Club Soda

Probably no-one cares, but in Canada they are not allowed to add caffeine to
any soft drink that is not brown.  So here colas and root beer can have
caffeine added, but nothing else.

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Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 3:39 PM
Subject: re: Club Soda

>Toni asked:
>>Does anyone know if club soda has caffine in it ???
>>Or what it is actually made of ???
>None of the club soda I've seen has caffeine in it.
>If you are in the U.S., just check the ingredient
>labels.  Caffeine has to be listed if it's been added.
>It's wise to check the salt content, which varies
>considerably with brands and the type of water
>they use, and marketing.
>Canada Dry Club Soda Ingredients:
>     Carbonated Water
>     Sodium Bicarbonate
>     Sodium Citrate
>     Potassium Sulfate
>     Disodium Phosphate
>     60 mg sodium per 8 fluid ounces.
>Now, I drink Canada Dry **Sparking Water**
>     Carbonated Water
>     10 mg sodium per 8 fluid ounces
>Sometimes my bottle of Canada Dry *Sparkling Water*
>contains -0- mg sodium.  The bottler told me it depends
>on the mineral content of the water used.
>I'd think that if there was caffeine in Club Soda, the
>manufacturers would be marketing it as such and charging
>more for it.  In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, I
>remember reading several articles last year about someone
>who had done just that.  They were planning to sell the
>caffeine-laced water at a premium but I don't remember
>seeing it at the grocery stores (maybe because I wasn't