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Re: Ornish way

Wow that sounds like fun.  Let us know how it all goes at the retreat!

K. Burnett wrote:

> If significant health problems (heart) are not enough to motivate one, I
> don't know what will.
> I have been trying to follow the Ornish diet since April of this year and
> feel pretty darned good for someone who had open heart surgery. I brought
> my LDL from 260 to 97 and my HDL from 27 to 37.
> Of course, I had to convince myself that it was all right to live and to
> feel good. It was not as easy as it may sound: I had to make a commitment
> to myself to live and to eat right and to take my medicine. There are
> psychological issues that a lot of us have to deal with as well as whether
> it tastes good or if its easy.
> I am off tomorrow to actually attend Dr. Ornish's Lifestyle Retreat and
> am hoping to learn a lot more about how to honor myself so that I can be
> as healthy as possible.
> "See" you all when I get back!

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