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What I eat

Hello, just thought I'd share what I usually eat in a normal day. . .

Well, recently I've been learning about high-glucose carbs, etc. and how
you can eat almost FF but still gain weight, with foods like pasta, bread,
potatoes.  So I've been trying to switch to eating protein-packed things
instead.  I am semi-vegetarian, so that does include occasional Ball Park
FF *turkey* dogs or *tuna* salad.  

Generally speaking though, Here's what I eat:

(Mornings are when I charge up for the day and eat a big meal.)
-fruit juice, 100% if at all possible (none of that "juice" where its
really only 12%!)
-whole grain cereal, a bowl or two --OR--
-oat bran/oatmeal with frozen berries tossed in
-yogurt/smoothie/protein drink

-*tuna* salad --OR--
-tomato, cheese sandwich with FF salad dressing
-fruit juice
-carrots with FF ranch dressing

-left-over vegetables --OR--
-cereal --OR--
-yogurt  --OR--

Dinner:  (varies, but generally something like this)
-rice with vegetables on top --or--
-several canned vegetables
-big salad
-*turkey* dogs or veggie burger

And juice if I get hungry later.

It is interesting to learn what others eat, hope this was fascinating!  :p