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No Subject

<<When, as a teen, I decided I couldn't eat animals, it never occurred to me 
that chicken and fish aren't animals.  Oddly enough, when people ask if I'm 
vegetarian, and I reply that I don't eat animals, they will *still* ask if I 
eat chicken or fish.  >>

At a family reunion, I was with my granddaughter at lunchtime one day. I went 
to an "Information About Our Town" booth, and indicated we wanted to have 
lunch, and that we don't eat any meat. So she told me about the fast-food 
places that serve ch**n. When I said that we don't eat any meat, including 
ch**n, this poor girl was totally bewildered. Then, I remembered a place that 
I'd had a veggieburger the previous day, and that's where we went. So 

"Courage is facing the fear, and doing the job anyway"- The Wonderful Wizard 
of Oz