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No Subject

    Sorry Susan.  You're quite right.  It was a leap of faith to have made 
that assumption (re heart disease).  With all the posts lately about Dr. 
Ornish, whose main focus is reversal of heart disease, I incorrectly jumped 
to that conclusion.  I should have said that there may be a fair number of 
people on this list who have diagnosed heart disease and some who have it and 
don't know it yet.  You may be familiar with autopsy reports during the Viet 
Nam war, which demonstrated a surprising amount of asymptomatic artery 
blockage (disease) in many young soldiers, which most authorities had not 
suspected in people that young.

    Sorry Kelly (mea culpa, mea culpa).  It was my error in making that 
assumption about people on this list with heart disease, which  Susan 
corrected.  I did read your whole post and I meant to be helpful.  Sorry it 
came across angry.  However, what I said about Ornish's 15% calories 
maintenance diet is correct.  Being a  chocoholic who is on a low fat mostly 
vegetarian diet and who occasionally has guilt-producing chocolate binges, I 
didn't want permission to eat any more chocolate.