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Preserving basil

   Hi -
     Another suggestion for keeping basil in the freezer is to make a
"cigar" : lay out a strip of plastic wrap, place the basil along the
short end, and roll it up, tucking in the sides  Then place the roll, or
rolls, into  a freezer  bag. This was demonstrated on a TV cooking show
several years ago. I've done it, and it works. Close to  the end of the
roll, you can put a label, printed side down so the label will show
through when you complete your roll. This is in helpful if you are also
processing other herbs. When you want to use it, just unroll, chop off
what you need from the end, and re-roll.
   Here's another suggestion: I've had a pot of basil growing outside
all summer. For the past couple months I've taken cuttings from it and
placed them in water. They root within about a week  Then I've planted
them , about four or five stems, in potting soil in coffee mugs. (This
is for a garden club plant and bulb sale coming up Saturday.) I've got
one I'm keeping  that has been doing very well on a kitchen window sill
for weeks.  If I cut from it,   the plant sends up new growth.  I've
even rooted cuttings from it. . I don't know whether it will continue to
do well throughout the winter, but for all of you who, like me, love
basil, it's worth a try to make the cuttings and plant them for growing
inside.  I'm going to bring the pot from outside into the house soon -
the nights here in southwest Missouri are getting colder, and I'm
*hoping* to have fresh basil throughout the winter.
     I really appreciate   the discussions on this list and the   great
recipes - I'm usually trying at least one new one each week and have
found lots of favorites. Thanks!