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Basil and TVP

>> Please--help from anyone.
>> I have a huge amount of basil in my garden that i want to preserve.  Any
>> ideas?
Please forgive me if this suggestion is redundant...I'm afraid I lost track
of the 'basil thread'.  What I do with my fresh herbs, as recommended in
"American Wholefoods Cuisine", is make herb cubes.

Take your basil leaves and toss them in a blender.  Add enough pure water
and blend to make a coarse puree.  Turn into ice-cube trays and freeze.
Store in zip-lock bags and add to salad dressings, soups, veggie stews, and
sauces as needed.

Speaking of questions, I have one...that I KNOW has been asked many times
before. <blush>  I've been trying to recover the nutritional value of TVP
in the h**burger and c**cken styles.  In particular, the calorie value
according to measure as well as the calcium would be a super help.  I've
checked different websites for the info, but to no avail.  Thank you to
anyone for taking the time...and I promise to pay closer attention in the