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> Actually, this is rather interesting.  Indian veggies will eat fish, because
> it's of the sea, vs. of the land and sky.  Cultural differences also dictate
> what's considered veggie.
> Americans tend to be more cut and dried, I guess.
> Christine

I guess it depends on what you want to eat or not eat,
and what you consider to be an animal, if you decide not to eat animals.

When, as a teen, I decided I couldn't eat animals, it never occurred to me that chicken and fish aren't animals.  Oddly enough, when people ask if I'm vegetarian, and I reply that I don't eat animals, they will *still* ask if I eat chicken or fish.  

Then I have to repeat and stress that I don't eat animals, ANY animals, they'll ask "well ... what do you eat then?" to which I reply "EVerything else" !!!

Animals products, though ... that's a whole 'nuther issue ...