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how to dine out as a vegan

I'm trying research information about how to dine out as a vegan.

I'd like to make this collection of information publicly available.

If you know of such a collection of vegetarian dining out instructions
already compiled, I'd like to know about it.

Otherwise, I would be happy to compile your suggestions.

For instance:

If you are dining out with nonvegetarian friends in a restaurant that
has nothing at all for vegans, there often are some "safe bets,"
such as garden salad (no dressing, please) and a plain baked potato.

Usually if you are famished, bagel restaurants are pretty good bets
for something inexpensive and suitable for vegans.

When attending parties arranged by nonvegetarians and for nonvegetarians,
it may be wise to dine in advance and spend most of your time at the
party socializing and talking with people.

When traveling far from home in an unknown and uncharted place,
it might be good to bring your own basic foods
(such as bread and peanut butter) and/or buy that in a grocery store,
in which case, it may make sense to buy or make a salad
in the hotel or motel.

Plain oatmeal is a pretty breakfast bet.

Tossed /garden salad and baked potato makes a pretty safe bet
at most restaurants.  If there's a salad bar, you may be OK there.
(However, there have been salad bars with nothing vegan
EXCEPT the iceberg head lettuce.

Consider bringing your own vegan salad dressing when dining out
or BETTER YET use no salad dressing.

Certain ethnic restaurants are usually good bets.

Call in advance when dining out in better restaurants,
and impress upon the manager, owner, or chef that
you DO NOT WANT TO EMBARRASS the totally vegetarian
diner IN ANY WAY, and discuss what vegan options
would be prepared for that day.
(Usually we need to tip the chef for this.)

It's possible to skip a meal.

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