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Re: Ornishers...

Hello everyone,

I too have been lurking for a few weeks and am very interested in the
thread on Ornish.  I
started the Ornish diet about three months ago and, as someone has
already mentioned, it is amazing how soon one begins to feel
better...took me about a week to really notice a big difference.  And
feeling so much better is a powerful motivation for continuing with the
program.  I think it is well worth the effort (and it does take some
work and planning) to just go "cold turkey" if you'll excuse the
expression. :-)

I used to be a smoker, tried quitting many times, and the only way I
could quit for good
was just to stop, no tapering off.  I have been on a bazillion different
diets in my life, both for
weight loss and for health, and the Ornish diet is by far the easiest I
have found to stay on.  Not really easy to start, but once you learn how
to make or buy a few good meals it's really pretty easy to stick to it.
There is SO much good information out now about lowfat vegetarian diets
and cooking, and I am really enjoying learning and developing a new

Someone asked what a typical food day is for an Ornisher.  In the
beginning, I only used a
few basic foods which I found to be quick and easy, but I am now working
more variety into my food plans.  Here's a typical day for me, and I
would be very interested in reading some other folks' menus too:

Breakfast:  Orange juice, oatmeal with Craisins and maple syrup, and
tea.  Or cold cereal
and soy milk (I like Soy Good, found at Trader Joe's).

Lunch:  Bean burrito (fat-free tortilla, vegetarian refried beans,
fat-free shredded cheese, tomato, onion, and sliced jalapenos) with
seltzer water and lime.  Spread beans and cheese on flat tortilla, run
under the broiler for a minute or so, then roll up with veggies inside.
Yum!  I recently found fat-free tortillas from La Tortilla Factory, at
Andronico's Market.  They are
fantastic...way better than any of the low-fat tortillas I have tried so

Dinner:  This is my most varied meal.  I almost always make a big green
salad, though, to
go with whatever else.  My favorite meal lately is stir-"fried"
vegetables and marinated tofu over rice.  I really like Lundberg Wild
Blend rice, which I buy at Safeway.  It is a mixture of several types of
brown rice, including wild rice, which is very tasty.  Another favorite
dinner is chile non-carne (chili made from beans) and cornbread.

Thanks to all of you for all the great ideas you share with the list.
You have given me a lot of
practical information and a great deal of motivation already.  I know
I'll continue to learn a lot.

Karolyn in Sunnyvale, California
Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow is a Mystery,
Today is all we have, and it is a gift from God...that's why we call it
the Present.