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Re: Passata

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Maralyn wrote:

> Passata is sieved tomatoes, sometimes with salt added, it comes in
> cartons or glass jars.It is smooth and probably the consistency of the
> bottled pasta sauces that we get in the UK if anyone can relate to that.
> Puree over here comes in tins or tubes and is very thick, you only need
> about a tablespoon but with passata you would use probably the whole
> container.

Passata sounds like it would be the consistancy of crushed tomatoes, but
probably smoother and without seeds.  What you describe as puree would be
tomato paste (or is it thicker than tomato paste?) on this side of the
ocean. One could probably get Passata at a store that carries import
foods; or just sub with crushed tomatoes.  Or make your own by cooking
tomatoes and running them through a food mill, and then cooking them down
to the thickness desired.

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