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Hello everyone,
  For those of you who remember me I know what passata is :0)))))

 One of the
>recipes calls for "passata".   Does anyone know what that is?
  If I use the term in an Internet search engine, I get references to 
tomato puree (Italian brands).. bet that's what you're after!

I have tried numerous times to try and explain what passata is(without
It is not what we would call tomato puree in the UK but I'm not sure
what you call puree in the states.

Passata is sieved tomatoes, sometimes with salt added, it comes in
cartons or glass jars.It is smooth and probably the consistency of the
bottled pasta sauces that we get in the UK if anyone can relate to that.
Puree over here comes in tins or tubes and is very thick, you only need
about a tablespoon but with passata you would use probably the whole
I dare say this is as clear as mud but perhaps someone can relate to
what I'm saying and explain it better.
I missed the original recipe (if there was one)so will look back through
my posts to see if I still have it.