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Nutrition discussion

> Recently there was a post about keeping this newsletter for 
> recipes and food suggestions, etc.  I have a question for 
> Ornishers that gets into nutrition but I don't know if it would 
> be appropriate to post it here.
> Where should I post that, or does anyone mind if I ask them 
> personally ?  (e-mail me and let me know)?

There are a number of places to post non-recipe questions and 
comments concerning an Ornish/McDougall lifestyle. This list's 
gracious host, Michelle, has established the Power Foods list to 
encourage nutritional discussion. Other subscribers have formed 
their own lists and have posted the instructions for joining in the 

I have a discussion group that is designed to support your 
concerns at:

You can also find many other resource links at our website at:

Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii