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Fw: Brown Rice

I believe Olga meant this to the source of the original inquiry, Kelly.
-----Original Message-----
From: Olga Campos-Aguila <aguila4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Linda R. Caldwell <spock73@xxxxxxxxxx>; Fatfree Friends!
Date: 16 September, 1999 12:40 PM
Subject: Re: Brown Rice

>The best thing you can do for yourself is buy the Success Brown Rice.  It
>ten minutes and it's always perfect.  They have other "flavors" like wild
>broccoli rice, etc.  They are so easy.
>Linda R. Caldwell wrote:
>> <<Now if someone can just help me learn to cook brown rice.....mine never
>> turns
>> out right....always too crunchy. Any ideas?>>
>> Kelly
>> I use instant brown rice. The box says that it is par-boiled brown rice,
>> I assume that it is the real thing. It is delicious, always comes out
>> perfect, and I frequently make more than I need and heat it up the next
>> time.
>> spock73@xxxxxxxxxx