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MacDougall Diet-Crunchy Brown Rice

Hi everybody :-)
I am following the MacDougall diet without a cookbook; but am hoping
someday to purchase his book soon. I am feeling so great not eating
dairy, meat, or wheat. It is hard to believe that food can have such an
effect on your well being. I have so much more energy and my mind is
working better and I am more cheerful. It is hard being on this type of
diet as others do not understand and tend to poke fun at you and what
you eat. I always feel that i have to justify what i am eating and find
it difficult to maintain a social life with others when it comes to food
as most restaurants do not accommodate such a diet. I usually end up
eating something like a raw potatoe and have to ask pretty please to get
something to add with it. Food plays such an important part in your life
you do not realize until you change your eating habits. I am determined
to maintain my good health and cheer and this digest is a godsend to me
as I know there are others out there who understand and who like me care
about themselves and what they are eating.
love your animals; don't eat them
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre
minds" Albert Einstein