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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #254

> I used to be a big fan of ravioli. . . but do to being more conscious of my
> diet, I haven't had any for a loooooooong time.  Besides the Chef Boyardee
> stuff and frozen ravioli, etc., does anyone have any suggestions for how I
> could make my own?  Maybe using FF cheese and some kind of FF crust?
> Thanks!
> Chelsea

You should be able to do it if you use ff ricotta, and mozzarella and ff grated cheese, all of
which are available if you hunt around. I used to make ravioli in my uncle's ravioli store in
Mastic Beach, New York. We made 150 boxes at a time using small machines that actually formed
the raviolis, so I don't have a recipe.

My great aunt Rosie used to make her own. It is a lot of work, though. You have make the dough
and the filling separately. Roll the dough out into thin sheets, put dabs of filling on a sheet
of dough, cover it with another sheet of dough, and (preferably) use a roller gizmo to roll
between the dabs, sealing the raviolis and cutting between them at the same time. It is tricky
to get them all well filled and well sealed, and the dough has to be just right for it to work.
It ends up taking up most of a day, but they do taste good if it works. The fact that these
exist at all is a tribute to Italian mothers.