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Re: FATFREE Digest V99 #254

This is in answer to Kelly's recent post.
    Please don't give diet advice in such a general way ".........go ahead 
and have chocolate" because it is ill-advised for the following reasons:
1.  Lots of people have heart disease and are not aware of it until their 
first heart attack or the development of other symptoms which may not appear 
until late in the progression of heart/artery disease.
2.  Most of the people on this list have medically diagnosed heart disease.
3.  Dr. Ornish has 2 dietary programs.  One is called "Reversal Diet" and 
specifies 10% of the calories in fat (among other things).  The other is 
called "Maintenance Diet" and is also plant-based, but with 15% of the 
calories in fat (Dr. Ornish is on the Maintenance diet).