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RE: Ornish diet... and real life.

I thought you guys would get a kick out of this.
I became a Fat Free Queen in 1994, before there were so many good products.
It was hard, and my patient meat-and-potatoes, hold-the-potatoes husband was
a patient guinea pig.

One day, we were talking about fast food.
I wasn't raised on it.  (I don't eat it to this day.)  My little town in
Michigan, although 20 minutes/miles from Michigan State, didn't get a
MacDonald's until I was in college in 1978 or 79.  The closest thing we had
was an Elias Brothers Big Boy.  We didn't even have pizza delivery!  Don't
get me started about the lack of TV reception I grew up with.  Do you know
anyone else raised in the US who didn't get the old Shirley Temple and Three
Stupids movies?  That would be us. <s>  Anyway, I digress.

Anyway, I asked to my husband, fiercely, "Do you know WHY I don't eat fast
He rolled his eyes, expecting a lecture on health, and said, "No.  Why?"
I replied, even more fiercely, "Because I'll probably LOVE it."
He belly-laughed so hard he almost choked.  That was the *last* thing he

I do agree with the person who recently wrote that Fast Food was the
hardest.  It becomes a "just a little" thing, which when added up means a
gudzillion grams of fat.

Either way, hang in there.  Forgive yourself if you fall off the wagon and
just start again.  Remember, if you deprive yourself (of anything), you'll
eventually eat everything in site.  It's better to have a tiny bit, get over
it, and begin again.

Look at your dining habits in a 7-day window.  What did you eat in the past
3 days?  What did you eat today, and what's coming up in the next three that
might have you enticed to nibble something forbidden?  Plan that way, rather
than a single day thing.  You'll find yourself better able to get a bigger
picture of your habits and give you a better feeling of control.  It's kinda
like incorporating the Weight Watchers menu planning with Ornish's better

Good luck!  (It's worth it.)