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Re: Applesauce

>Applesauce is simple cooked apples mashed, or put through a food mill, so
>that it is fairly smooth.  You can by it in a jar here either sweetened or
>unsweetened.  You can easily make it.

   I agree with Jenny Herl (whose directions were also just fine), and
would add that I'm very happy I asked my grandmother to 'teach' me to make
applesauce, just like hers,  many years ago.
   Then and now, my favorite apples for this are Cortlands, though I
believe my grandmother made hers from all sorts of mixed drops. Good
applesauce is a staple here. We can countless quarts of it, and I don't
think too many meals are served without this chunky, pink side dish.
   Making a little applesauce is no easier or any harder than making a lot.
Wash a big, firm apple, quarter it, and slice out the core and seeds. Leave
the skin on if you want the color. Steam your apple/s in a small amount of
water in a covered pan, and when it looks pulpy or plump, stir til it's the
consistency you like. The peels are usually still intact at this point, and
I remove them. Then add sugar if you like, brown or white, and any apple
spices, like cinnamon.
   But go easy with these; the purists will say a good apple needs nothing
   Baked apples are a wonderful, easy dessert, too, throughout autumn and
winter, and if there are any leftover, they're just as good cold.
   Ali's letter made me very glad I live in 'apple country', and reminded
me that 'apple season' is a wonderful time of year.

Kathleen Wilson
Glenwood, Nova Scotia