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Re: Applesauce

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Burdon, Alison wrote:

> Hi from a new reader in the UK...
> I've been reading all the recipes with interest, and noticed that
> 'applesauce' is often used as a fat substitute.  At the risk of being
> laughed off the list - what exactly is applesauce?  Where I come from it is
> stewed apple with lots of sugar and generally served with roast meat
> (ugh!)....  If someone can tell me, then I can use some of these recipes.
> Thanks.

Applesauce is simple cooked apples mashed, or put through a food mill, so
that it is fairly smooth.  You can by it in a jar here either sweetened or
unsweetened.  You can easily make it.

Wash, quarter and core apples.  If you have a food mill, you can leave the
peels on. If not, then also peel the apples.  Cook them (or nuke them)
with a very small amount of water (just enough to keep them from sticking
and burning.  Cover pan, and simmer them on low until soft.  Run them
through a food mill, or mash well with a potato masher if peeled.  Sweeten
if desired.  Applesauce freezes well, and can also be canned in a water
bath canner.

I love homemade applesauce, particularly slighty chunky applesauce.  My
grandmother used to have this at every family dinner.  Sometimes it was
still a little frozen, and this was even better.  

I think I'm going to have to get some cooking apples this weekend....

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