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Re: Dixie Diner Nutlettes/other products

We use the plain Nutlettes.  They look kind of like grape nuts and don't
seem to have much taste at all, but they are fine when mixed with other
cereals.  My husband mixes them with granola (a California brand, made
without added fat or sugar--but with sesame and sunflower seeds and
dates), and I mix them with oat bran and wheat germ, where they add a
nice crunch.

I've also tried their sports bar mix, but wasn't impressed--they were
too sweet for me and definitely too crumbly to put in a fanny pack on a
long run.  I thought the pie crust mix was more succcessful.

I haven't tried any of their meat-substitute products, though, not being
a meat-substitute fan (except about once a year when I satisfy sausage
cravings with Gimme Lean).

Jane Colman