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Pressing tofu

I thought I'd add my four cents to this topic. I use two baking sheets with 
sides, two clean terry cloth dish towels and some heavy objects. I line the 
first baking sheet with a towel and then lay the sliced tofu on the towel. I 
then lay the other towel over the tofu and then lay the other baking sheet on 
top. I then add a lot of heavy weights and press the tofu for about 30 
minutes. For heavy weights, I have been know to use bricks, my tea pot filled 
with water, and/or a few gallon milk jugs filled with water. 
For the person who asked, then what? Go ahead and use the tofu for whatever 
you want. I have observed that most of the recipes that call for tofu to be 
pressed, usually call for it to be marinaded. 

Jan Bennicoff