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Unidentified subject!

I just read about a natural sugar substitute on
About.com called Stevia.  The address is
for those of you who would like to read it for
yourself.  May I quote, "Stevia is the latest sugar
alternative - receiving much attention for its role as
a natural sweetener." and "Sweetvia is the all natural
white powdered extract of the stevia
plant.....Sweetvia has no sugar, no aspartame, no
calories, no fat, no carbohydratesand is over 200
times sweeter than sugar. People whose bodies can't
tolerate sugar, aspartame or saccharin can use
Sweetvia...like diabetics, candida suffers, and the
like.  That's because stevia does not elicit a glucose
response in the body.  It's also a wonderful
alternative for those who are health conscious and
want to reduce their sugar intake."

I saw it today at GNC and it was $12.99 for every kind
they had--liquid, powdered, etc.  I have not yet tried
it.  I just leared about it last week.

Hope this helps.
Donna D


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