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Vegetarian Pre-Cooked Meal Idea

In answer to Jen's pre-cooked meal question, you may consider a Picnic
Cob.  It may not be as "strange" as you require, but it is certainly
yummy and keeps very well.  

You need:

One large round cob of crusty bread
Grilled marinated vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms,
onions, capsicum, etc
Garlic (mashed)
Fat Free Ricotta Cheese

Carefully slice of the top of the bread cob (placing knife directly down
and cut to form a "lid" of some sort).  Remove about ¾ of the bread from
the inside of the cob, leaving the crusty outer shell.  

Spread mashed garlic around the inside of the bread and top "lid".
Place vegetables in distinct layers inside cob, eggplant, ricotta,
onion, zucchini, ricotta, capsicum, mushrooms.

Place top bread "lid" back on cob, cover with foil and place in
refrigerator overnight with a heavy plate or something similar on top to
press bread down.  

To serve, remove the foil and slice into wedges like a cake.  The
layered vegetable flavor in the bread tastes fantastic, and the colors
of the vegetables look wonderful.

Regards, Melissa
Sydney, Australia