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Re: Egg Substitutes

I use 1 tbsp soy flour and 1 tbsp water for each egg called for in baking.
I also use equal amounts of applesauce in place of oil in pancakes and
they turn out fine.

> Hello...I see EnerG egg replacer in the stores here that have natural
> food sections.  Other stores, I have not noticed it.  I haven't ever
> tried it for waffles or pancakes.  The pancake recipe on the box
> uses 1T of oil.  Didn't someone send an egg free and oil free pancake
> recipe not too many days ago?
> Bye...Elizabeth
> KMCLENDEN@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > I am looking for an egg substitute that is not egg whites. Is there any such
> > thing? Can you find Ener-G Egg Replacer in a regular supermarket? I'm looking
> > for something for pancakes, waffles, etc., so they have the right consistency.