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Re: Cookbooks

In response to Olga's request for good cookbooks, I would say my most used is 
the  Vegetarian Times Cookbook.  It is excellent, and even has a section on 
Under thirty minutes.  The recipes are really good, and they do show the 
nutritional value.  If you have MasterCook software you can keep a log of 
other recipes and it will figure the nutritional values for you.  I find it 
to be very helpful.
In a message dated 10/21/99 6:20:53 AM Central Daylight Time, 
fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Hi all,
 I just bought a Vegetarian Cookbook that I am not too happy with.  It's
 called The Best-Ever Vegetarian Cookbook.  It has no nutritional
 information in it about it's meals regarding fat content, calories,
 etc..  I was wondering if any of you had a "GREAT" vegetarian cookbook
 that has nutritional information per serving and is based on low-fat
 recipes.  I have noticed that most vegetarian dishes are usually very
 high in fats... I guess I should have asked you guys (the experts) first
 before even trying to find a book.
 Btw it's not a bad book, it's just not what I am looking for.  The first
 part of the book is very informative and has alot of cooking tips and
 shows all kinds of grains and even how to make yogurt.