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re: vegetarian cookbooks

> From: Olga Campos-Aguila <aguila4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: book suggestion?

> I was wondering if any of you had a "GREAT" vegetarian cookbook
> that has nutritional information per serving and is based on low-fat
> recipes.  I have noticed that most vegetarian dishes are usually very
> high in fats... I guess I should have asked you guys (the experts) first
> before even trying to find a book.
> thanks,
> Olga


The books I use the most are the ones from Dr. McDougall.  He doesn't have
nutritional information in it, but you can bet they are low-fat!  Another choice
would be a book by Dr. Barnard.  I know some of his recipies in one of his books do
have a nutritional breakdown.  His recipies are from Jennifer Raymond, so maybe one
of her cookbooks would be good too.  He's not as low-fat as Dr. McDougall, I've
found.  I've enjoyed making things out of all my books by both of them though.
Hope this helps!

Dee in St. Louis