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re: need soy milk info

Hello...This is not sour milk, but spoiled.  If you want sour milk
for a recipe add a dash of lemon juice or vinegar to your cup of
milk.  Homogenized, pasteurized milk that is sour is SPOILED,
just as you soy milk is spoiled when it is left too long.
And yes, you can sour your soy milk with the lemon or vinegar

I wrote to a woman I know who lives at The Farm in Tennessee.
These people are experts on soy products.  She said soy milk
freezes just fine and is usable after.  They have a good cookbook.
The newer version is The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook
and tells you how to make your own soy milk, soy ice bean,
gluten etc.


    Does anyone know whether soy milk that has gone sour can be used for

> like regular milk that has soured?
> Kelly