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	Is this the Cravings in the Kirkwood/Webster Groves area?  If so, I was
there last month, and had the best food I've ever eaten!  Did you have a
really funny server, too?  If so, I suspect it may be the owner, Tim
Brennan.  Anyway, I haven't had the soup, but I did get a copy of the menu,
which describes many other dishes.  It also has the phone number, 961-3534
(I'm assuming the area code is 314).  Maybe he'd tell you what he puts in
the soup if you asked.  After all, he's got the main ingredients listed for
most of the other dishes.  It might be worth a try.  And if it works, would
you please post what he tells you?  Thanks.

>Does anybody have a recipe for a "COLD beet soup".  I had it in a
>restaurant called Cravings in St Louis and it is seriously the best soup
>I have ever had in my life!!!
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