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Hi -
We tried the tofurkey last year.  We liked the main blob, but no one cared
for the tempeh "drumsticks" or the gravy.  I'd caution everyone about the
company's idea of serving size.  The tofurkey is about the size and shape
of a softball.  I wrote them last year and asked if I could buy several of
the tofurkey softballs without drumsticks or gravy, they said they were
considering offering options.  I didn't check it out for this year.
Also, Vegetarian Times runs a full Thanksgiving menu every year.  We
followed the whole thing one year, it was rather fun.  The main dish was a
chestnut roulade, a sort of rolled loaf with gravy.  Ours turned out well,
but I think my SIL spent hours on it.  The main dish is the main problem
for us, so I'm hoping to see a few new suggestions here.  The
stew-in-a-pumpkin that is so popular among vegetarians is decidedly
UNpopular in our house, so we are still looking for that special tradition.
I love all the side dishes, but I would like something that really looks
like the centerpiece of the meal.
(PS, Palmer, were you born in A2?)